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Slitter Tooling Cabinets

Protect Your Tooling

Slitter tooling stored in custom cabinets is protected from
damage by accidental contact with other equipment, tooling
and personnel. The sharp edges of slitter knives are all safely
contained inside the cabinet. Tooling is enclosed in a dry
environment where rust will not deteriorate the carefully
prepared surfaces.

Ready access to your entire inventory of slitter knives and spacers, stored in an
organized progression of sizes, will save time in preparing tooling for changeovers.
By an inspection of the cabinet with service markers in each empty slot, you know
which ones are out being sharpened.

Knife Storage Cabinet with Spacer Storage and Work Table from Coil Processing Equipment ConsultantsProducts include:

  • Tooling Racks / Tables
  • Knife Storage Boxes
  • Spacer Racks / Tables
  • Shear Blade Racks
  • Packaging / Sorting Tables
  • Squaring Tables
  • Work Stations

Cabinet examples:

Protect Your Tooling

  • Each storage cabinet is custom built to store and organize slitting knives, spacers and related hardware specific to your operation.
  • Cabinets are designed to fit in the space that you have available and appropriately sized to the number and size of components you have to store.
  • Cabinets are durable, solidly built and color matched to your equipment for a professional look.
  • Slitter knife storage cabinets are fabricated from 7- and 10-gauge steel with plywood liners to protect knife edges.

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