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Cut-to-Length Lines

Cut-to-length lines take flat rolled steel or coiled steel,
unroll it, level it and cuts it to a desired length sheet.
Cut-to-length lines are also known as shear lines,
blanking lines or level lines.

Cut-to-length lines are either:

  • Start/Stop (heavy gauge metal processing)
  • Free Loop (lighter gauge metal processing)

Cut-to-length line diagram from Nova Machinery & Engineering

Cut-to-Length Line standard components:

  1. Coil Car
  2. Uncoiler
  3. Edge Guide System
  4. Peeler/Pinch Rolls
  5. 19 Rolls Leveller
  6. Looping Pit Table
  7. Servo Driven Feed-Rolls
  8. High Speed Shear
  9. Air Stacker
  10. Stacking Table
  11. Run-Out Table
  12. Line Electrics
  13. Line Hydraulics
  14. Line Engineering

Nova Machinery & Engineering Inc.Nova Machinery & Engineering Inc. manufactures custom steel coil processing equipment. Nova products are available from Coil Processing Equipment Consultants.
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