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Coil Expanders

Our coil expanders will help you hold down waste!

Coil Expander
Eliminate coil end scrap. Our coil expander is much more than just filler rings. By buffering the harsh contact between a coil mandrel and coiled steel, SuperSpanders virtually eliminate coil end scrap. The results are higher yields per coil – or money in your bank.

Coil processors find that our coil expander boosts profits and productivity.

Some customers see a return on their investment in the first 30 days of use! With years of potential use, you’ll recover your investment over and over again.

Our coil expanders also offer:

  • oil and abrasion resistance makes it an outstanding product in all types of metal service centers.
  • superior elongation and compression set resistance, for those rigorous mandrel activities.
  • easy installation and one-man handling that eliminates downtime on the shop floor.
  • a vast selection of sizes and configurations that are engineered to fit all mandrel and coil applications.
  • extends the capabilities of your winder or unwinder to utilize larger inside diameter coils.

Superior Coil Expander Performance!

Engineered for durability. Your savings will be compounded for years, making this one of the shrewdest investments you’ll ever make.

Formulated for durability, our compounds are made from the highest quality proprietary elastomers. Superior design and care in manufacturing make these coil expanders the best on the market.

Coil Expander EfficiencyCoil Expander Performance

System Components for Complete Handling Efficiency

  • uncoiler expanders
  • recoiler expanders
    (with our without gripper bars)
  • tension stand rolls
    (grooved or knife cut)
  • pinch rolls
  • coil-hold-down rolls
  • coil cart rolls
  • rubber covered guiderolls


  • "... Ed's strong personal characteristics of honesty and integrity have produced a professional record of dedication to his commitments and his customers."

    David Lichtfuss,
    General Manager - JMC
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