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Flash Welders

Flash Welders allow you to increase your profits while offering
value-added service to your customers.

Now you can offer customers fast delivery of top quality band saw
blades, welded to exact length, while adding more profit to your
bottom line. These flash welders are first rate performers, designed
to improve your welding business in many ways.

  • FW-200 HPA Flash WelderDeliver blades faster; even weld blades while your customers wait.
  • Eliminate the costly and time consuming process of outsourcing welds.
  • Eliminate the need for excessive inventories of custom length blades.
  • Puts you in control of quality. No longer at the mercy of sub-standard factory welds.

The results? You increase your volume and profit, and project a more service-oriented image, all through an easy-to-manage solution. Whether you need a cost effective entry-level machine, or an automated production solution,we have a welder to fulfill your needs. And… quality and support is second to none!




  • "... Ed's strong personal characteristics of honesty and integrity have produced a professional record of dedication to his commitments and his customers."

    David Lichtfuss,
    General Manager - JMC
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