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Gantry – Steel Adjustable Height


  • Adjustable span standard on 10’-16’ spans through 5 ton.
  • Bolted connections on spans of 20’-24’ and all 8 ton units.
  • Heavy duty supported leg design.
  • Balanced designed allows for easy maneuvering, even under load.
  • Conforms to AISC, OSHA and CMAA specifications.
  • Simple bolted construction.
  • Easy set up and maintenance.
  • 4-steel swivel casters standard.
  • Height & span adjustability.
  • Height adjustable down from maximum in 12″ increments.
  • Call for our optional gantry crane features: wheel brakes, swivel locks, floor locks, adjusting level kits, v-groove wheels and power drive kits.
  •  steel-adjustable-height-span-gantrysteel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-diagram


Steel - Adjustable Height Gantry steel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-specs5 steel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-specs4 steel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-specs3 steel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-specs2 steel-adjustable-height-span-gantry-specs1


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