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Jib Crane – Full Cantilever

This crane puts the economy back into this column mounted unit.
This inexpensive jib crane provides a fast and easyto install solution
to a localized material handling problem. Our unique design follows
the same engineering criteria as all of our quality products and is ideal
for applications where headroom is limited. Easy to install fittings
simply bolt to the column and beam. This “friction free” 180° rotating
crane can also be pushed out of the way when not in use.



  • A. Fittings are heavy duty steel weldments, jig welded to insure proper bearing alignment.
  • B. Axles are Grade 8 bolts with lock washers and nuts. Permanently lubricated bronze shoulder bushings are used.
  • C. American Standard ‘I’ beams, selected to properly handle all forces and loads imposed upon it.
  • D. Welded end stops provide a positive and permanent hoist / trolley stop allowing for the maximum in trolley travel.

Fitting Kits
To build complete cranes in accordance with the information provided below. Kits include: 2 fittings painted black, bolts to attach fittings to the crane and assembly instructions.



* The total of hoist and trolley not to exceed 15% of rated capacity.
** This dimension must be held exactly.
♦ Thrust and Pull MUST be reviewed and approved prior to crane installation.
Jib Cranes with an L dimension of 6’6″ or less are welded and shipped as a one piece. Jibs Cranes with an L dimension of 7’6″
or more are have a bolted connection and are shipped in two pieces.

Jib Crane - Full Cantilever


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    David Lichtfuss,
    General Manager - JMC
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