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Metalworking Shear Blades

Coil Processing Equipment Consultants offers shear blades made
from high-quality steel “performance matched” to your unique
cutting application and serviced by “metalworking’s first choice
in knife manufacturers:

We offer products for a large number of brands:
Metalworking Shear Blades from Coil Processing Equipment Consultants

  • Accur-Shear
  • Adira
  • Amada
  • American Hercules
  • Atlantic/Haco
  • Bertsch
  • Betenbender
  • Century
  • Cincinnati
  • Darley
  • Di-Acro
  • Dreis
  • Elga-Hydra
  • Gatti
  • Guifil
  • Herr-Voss
  • HTC
  • Hydrapower
  • Lodge & Shipley/Columbia
  • LVD
  • Morgan
  • Niagara
  • Pacific
  • Pexto
  • Rhodes
  • Safan
  • Stamco
  • Standard, Edwards/Pearson
  • Steelweld/Cleveland Crane
  • Summit
  • Wysong & Miles

Coil Processing Equipment Consultants has the most competitive lead times in the industry for non-stock and custom-made knives.

Designing a machine? What about knives? We can either manufacture custom shear blades to your specifications, or recommend standard shear blade configurations for you to design your machine around.

Metalworking Shear Blades from Coil Processing Equipment ConsultantsHave you been told by someone that your equipment is so old you will never find replacement shear blades for it? Coil Processing Equipment Consultants has access to prints for many older machines. If we don’t have the print, we can make your knives either from the dimensions you provide us or from the old knives you are replacing.

You are assured of getting the right shear blades for your specific cutting application. Using our proven “Performance Match” system, your knives will be made from one of our high quality grades of steel.

Your shear blades will be made from one of several high-quality tool steel grades:

We survey your exact cutting requirements so we can recommend the correct grade of tool steel, hardness and temper to maximize your equipment’s performance. This saves you money with increased blade life, less edge chipping and improved cut quality.

Super-Cut blade

It exceeds machine builders’ standards by holding an edge longer, giving optimum wear that reduces down time and by requiring fewer blade change-outs.

Super-Cut HcHc Tool Steel

High carbon, high chromium tool steel, manufactured for high production, light gauge shearing, including stainless steel.

All-Cut Shock-Resistant Tool Steel

Recommended for all-purpose maintenance and heavy gauge shearing.


  • "... Ed's strong personal characteristics of honesty and integrity have produced a professional record of dedication to his commitments and his customers."

    David Lichtfuss,
    General Manager - JMC
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