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Tension Stand Felt, Carpet,
Boards & Fasteners

Coil Processing Equipment Consultants is the
number one source for High Quality Low Cost
Tension Stand Felt, Carpet, Boards & Fasteners.

Felt is perfect for demanding use, such as tensioning
and high temperature resistance.

Felt provides:

  • braking
  • high temperature resistance
  • noise control
  • oil absorption
  • surface protection
  • wiping & polishing

Tight budget? Our carpets are a great low-cost felt alternative for tensioning, wiping and surface-to-surface protection. Commercial carpet available in Berber, cut pile and looped pile styles.

Photo used courtesy of Galaxie Corporation

Coil Processing Equipment Consultants systems can reduce your felt or carpet drag pad costs by 40%!Felt & Carpet available in:

  • bulk rolls
  • die cuts
  • precision cut pieces
  • sheeting
  • slit rolls
  • slit cut rolls

Slitter Tension Stand Felt and Carpet Fastener Systems
A complete line of industrial fastener systems for every application. Using plastic or wood along with blue gripper, we can custom fabricate each fastener system to your specific requirements.

Slitter Tension Stand Drag Board System
We offer solid hardwood, UHMW and Micarta tension stand drag boards. Each board is custom made to your specifications and then coated with a special oil-proof solution for durability. Our drag boards used in conjunction with one of our fastener systems will outlast any standard wood board configuration.

Felt & Carpet Product Guide from Coil Processing Equipment Consultants

Download Coil Processing Equipment Consultants FlyerDownload our Tension Stand Felt, Carpet, Boards & Fasteners flyer


  • "... Ed's strong personal characteristics of honesty and integrity have produced a professional record of dedication to his commitments and his customers."

    David Lichtfuss,
    General Manager - JMC
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